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Kingsley O. is an English born, US based prolific deep house producer/songwriter responsible for several Billboard chart topping dance/club records during the late 90’s. Also, the founder of K4b records, he wrote and produced all the songs driving the K. London Posse to the forefront during an era where every acclaimed DJ spun vinyl records.


With over 50 worldwide releases, Kingsley O. gained critical acclaim through track licensing to key entertainment companies such as SONY (Columbia), BMG Music Publishing and other key players. The K. London Posse sound touched DJ’s all over the world with punchy soulful vocals, catchy melodies and hard club tracks. The K4b catalog has never been digitally release to the public and now Producer Kingsley O, after a 10-year silence re- emerges with the entire song collection in a new light and twist.


Introducing a new SOULFUL EDM sound, K4b Music kicks off with the first K. London single “Stuck”. The song is a blend of EDM, soul and catchy vocals.